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Bekka is a photographer and textile artist living in Brooklyn.

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fvck this sh!t pencil set 6 midnight blue engraved pencils. MATURE swears. Not for children or easily offended
"Despite its many material advantages, plastic is a notoriously difficult material to repair, and as such , many of the plastic items in our lives end up in the landfill if they become damaged. German designer Cordula Kehrer has developed an alternative, where damaged plastic bins and buckets, that would have otherwise ended up in the trash, are repaired using traditional weaving techniques."
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Paul Klee, Exotics (1939)
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Leanne Kim CSM Foundation Portfolio
hunterrible Vibrant matchbox designs for La Fonda del Sol restaurant in New York, by Alexander Girard circa 1960.
This is gorgeous
Amrita Dress - Navy Mustard
mexican dress
Hanging Planter
Objects by French Designer Ferreol Babin
Female Support System - Brass Hook - Large
Leaky Bucket
Rope baskets
Flowers | Personal project