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Chinstrap Penguin, Antarctica

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Whole Foods, West Des Moines: Yay!  #Whole_Foods #Iowa
Dill and fennel often get confused for one another. They seem similar in appearance, but they are in fact two different plants used for different purposes and each possess unique characteristics that directly affect the nature of the dishes that they are used in. Although seemingly similar, dill (on the left) and fennel (on the … #Herbs
Hot Chocolate with Red Wine
Blackspot Tuskfish - Choerodon schoenleinii : Scott Gardner observed and documented this fish in Australia's Great Barrier Reef holding a clam in its mouth, hitting it against a rock until the shell broke, and then eating it. Judging from the broken shells nearby, it i apparent that this particular individual does this on a regular basis. #Blackspot_Tuskfish #Scott_Gardner
For the electric eel, getting a meal is all about shock value. This huge predator can blast prey with 500 volts of electricity—enough to stun a grown human.
Meet the New Elements
Potted Espresso & Salted Caramel Mud Cakes by sweetapolita: For a kid friendly version, you could use gummy worms, a toasted marshmallow, chocolate pebbles and decaf coffee.  #Mud_Cake #Salted_Caramel #Espresso