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PREACH! everyone today is sooo judgemental, like why do you care if someone is bi or gay? It's their choice. Not yours
we all know why I put this on this board.
Puffing awat!
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Powerpuff Girls
The beldam and king candy by cosmiccanine on tumblr
19 Times Noel Fielding's Humour Saved Us All In 2017
Anime Is For Kids
Bryan, Marvin, and J-Fred
Team Edge GIFS - Team Edge
This guy was sitting next to me on the plane like this, so I made this video because obviously I had to otherwise what kind of piece of shit would I be? #daredevil (turn sound on) @daredevil
The Office Illustration Print
I love you Ryan Higa!! lol such a thought provoking question
Nigahiga- Ryan Higa- Dear Ryan-Makeup Guru- "People like to use Lancome and Sephora, but what I like to use is the french....CRAYOLE."
ryan higa memes - Google Search
True Story