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Elgin Ladies - 488 (1930)
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This IMF paper examines how fiscal institutions affect the selection of PPP contracts and the probability of contract disputes using about 6,000 PPP contract-level data. Larger government financing needs, lower budget transparency and bureaucratic efficiency are associated with higher probability for governments to offer guarantees. Propensity score matching results show that disputes are more common for guaranteed contracts due to adverse selection and contingent liability effects.
A $25m public-private partnership (PPP) to establish a new Road Traffic Department headquarters on Tonique Williams Darling Highway in the Bahamas is stalled because the new Minnis government has yet to decide how it will deal with PPPs arranged by the Christie administration. In 2017 the Minnis administration halted construction on two other PPP projects arranged by the previous government: a major government complex in Grand Bahama and a new post office building in New Providence.
Private sector yet to warm up to Smart Cities
Philip Alston, the UN Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, quoted in a report to the UN General Assembly on 19 October 2018 from two recent studies that showed that outright privatisation or public private partnership (PPP) both, are more expensive, less efficient and marginalise the poor. The two quoted studies were conducted by the National Audit Office of the United Kingdom and the European Court of Auditors of the European Union, respectively.
Delays in approvals and land acquisition as also other problems have hurt Indian public private partnership (PPP) projects such as the Delhi Airport Metro Express in the last few years. Delhi Airport Metro Express Private Limited (DAMEPL) was constructed as a PPP by RInfra with the civil work for the 22.7 kilometre long metro line contracted to Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC). Contractual difficulties arose in late 2012. An arbitration panel has now awarded RInfra around US$779 million.
China will reinforce regulations on public-private partnership (PPP) projects as part of its efforts to prevent illegal borrowing by local governments. This will be a long-term process. China’s problem is that some local governments have used it to disguise too much borrowing from banks, increasing the country's overall financial risks. A June 2017 guideline prohibited local governments from providing guarantees for securing fixed returns for enterprises and lenders in PPP projects.
Pakistan’s Sindh provincial health department is not satisfied with the functioning of hospitals running under the public-private partnership (PPP) mode.  According to evaluation reports prepared by the department to gauge the performance of hospitals under the PPP scheme, many such hospitals have not been able to deliver the desired results under private administrations. Health department inspection reports have raised several concerns regarding the efficacy of hospitals running under PPPs.
Christ Jarvis, the IMF’s head of Mission in Lebanon, on 5 April 2018 warned the country’s public sector to be careful when negotiating investments with the private sector under the Public-Private-Partnership Law (PPP), to not take on many risks and contingent liabilities, in hopes of increasing Lebanon’s already high public-debt-to-GDP ratio. He recommended that the public sector begin slowly, taking on small PPP deals in order to learn from early experiences before getting into big PPP deals.