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'Dark Phoenix' will bring the X-Men saga to an epic close
Wanda again. *sighs* I wish we'd have her in X-Men universe. . . . . . #petermaximoff #pietromaximoff #quicksilver --> DUDE IT'S A SHERLOCK REFERENCE
This is soooooo good, check out Cyclop from X- Men.....
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X-MEN Assemble For New IvX Variants
X-Men: Apocalypse : un poster avec les nouveaux X-Men
X-Men Dark Phoenix 2.14.19
Dark Phoenix (2019) Phone Wallpaper
Mélina 🌸 on
found on GeekoSystem: an annotated X-Men Family Tree... but even though I've read a lot of Marvel comics, this is still a bit confusing
A Muddled Future and Past
George Takei Explains The Origin of En Sabah Nur in X-MEN: APOCALYPSE Viral Video
Infographic: The Characters of 'X-Men: Days of Future Past'
'X-Men: Days Of Future Past' Timeline Explained In One Handy Infographic
You're X-Men First Class Life
THE FUTURE MUTANTS…as I see it. X-MEN Prodigy as Sage Match as Sunfire Loa as Shadowcat Trance as Psylocke Armor as Colossus Indra as Karma X-FORCE Pixie as Magik Gentle as Juggernaut Surge as...
All of the X-Men Cast from young old & solo. Credit to @xmengeek  #Xmen…
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