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Nature and the Embroidered World
Peruvian Painted Patterns
Dr. Hallowell: ADD and Replenishing Energy & Focus-AUDIO - ADD Resource Center
Who Am I? - by Tai Abrams (Paperback)
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Who Am I? - by Tai Abrams (Paperback)
Save Them All
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Materials For The Arts - Founded in 1978, Materials for the Arts, NYC Department of Cultural Affairs, provides thousands of NYC’s arts and cultural organizations, public schools, and community arts programs with the supplies they need to run and expand their programs. MFTA gathers materials from companies and individuals that no longer need them and makes them available, for free, to the artists and educators that do.
Interview with New Visions Featured Artist: Chris Kindred
NYC Panel Snubs Top Vote Recipient, a Catholic Saint, for One of ‘She Built NYC’ Statue Honors
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Coffee from Hugh Jackman. Portion of proceeds benefit educational organizations
How to Plan Your First Day at the High School Level - The Art of Education Unive... -
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Art Easy Learning. Corp., is a privately run organization based in New York City, comprised of former educators certified through the NYC Department of Education. We are committed to meeting the highest standards of client satisfaction and ethics with a proven record of success. Art Easy Learning assists clients with diverse backgrounds obtain legal certification for Teachers’ Assistants and Teachers’ Aides in New York State. We also offer assistance in passing exams for NYC Public School Teache
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Chatty Classroom Management Tips - The Friendly Teacher
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CITY GROWERS is a non-profit educational organization based at BROOKLYN GRANGE, a one-acre rooftop farm in NYC. The org. provides farm tours & on-site workshops for young NY's. City Growers gives students the opportunity to visit a working urban farm, learn about food & the environment, & connect w/ soil & plants. Educational programming at this unique and inspirational greenroof farm setting empowers children & young adults to envision a greener & healthier future for their city.
Materials for the Arts collects a wide variety of items which are distributed for free to MFTA recipients in New York City's artistic and educational communities. Typical donations to MFTA include bolts of fabric, paper, art books, office supplies, electronics, props, paint, frames, craft supplies, and furniture.
New York City Apartment Tour
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A 1400-square foot smart and sustainable hydroponic urban farm sits on the third floor rooftop of a New York City public school. It’s home to The Greenhouse Project, a strategic partnership between a small group of parents and educators and New York Sun Works, a NYC-based non-profit organization that builds innovative science labs in urban schools. The farm is a laboratory, a dynamic classroom in which city kids learn where their food comes from, how much  #aquaponicfarm