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what makes me laugh the most is that the look on Tony's face is like he is tryying to decide if he is embaressed of peter, or proud.
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Thanos-Gamora/Nebula Fathers, be good to your daughters.
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I was so angry at this part. He doesn’t deserve to tell Loki that. Not after what he did.
#nature  #nebula  #space #galaxy #illustration #NGC  galaxy illustration NGC 7023 – the Iris Nebula    From stardust to stardust - it’s the cycle of the universe.     Located in the constellation of Cepheus (a king in Greek mythology, married to Cassiopeia and father of Andromeda – both also constellations), the gases and clouds of cosmic dust in this region are providing the raw materials for star creation. The Iris Nebula is a reflection nebula meaning that the illumination source is generally
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Like father, like daughter. Nebula was ready to kill her past self. Endgame supe...
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Aged just 11, Mr dan der Hoeven built the equipment necessary for the photo with his father.  Together they captured images of the Rosette Nebula over three nights in November using- different filters. Judge Mr Robinson added: “In a year that celebrates 50 years since the first lunar-  landings it is fitting that this year’s overall winning image captures such a dynamic and-  captivating view of our Moon. “A worthy winner indeed”. P.S - to know more click on the image