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TIENTSIN: 1916 Despatch card (Récépissé du destinataire) for value declared packet to Kuldja (SINKIANG), franked with "KITAI" 4k, 20k, 70k and 1R tied by Tientsin 14.6.16 cds (T type 6),

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TIENTSIN: 1916 Despatch card (Récépissé du destinataire) for value declared packet to Kuldja (SINKIANG), franked with "KITAI" 4k, 20k, 70k and 1R tied by Tientsin 14.6.16 cds (T type 6),

ZEPPELIN. 1932 (23 marzo). BRAZIL. Tarjeta franqueada a bordo del GRAF ZEPPELIN con sellos alemanes de 20 pf. (2) y 1 Mk. a la llegada franqueada con sellos de Brasil de 400, 500, 1000 y 2000 reis. Marca del vuelo y llegada. (Sieger 138, 139).    Dealer  SOLER Y LLACH    Auction  Minimum Bid:  100.00 EUR
Fezzan 1943, lettera aerea raccomandata da Sebha il 18.7. per Yaounde (Cameroun) affrancata con coppia del 5 f. su 50 c. Pittorica e Pacchi Postali interi da 1f. su 5 c. e coppia verticale di 1f. su 1l. e 4 metà del 1 f. su 50 c. e due 1f. su 1l. dei quali uno sul verso, firmata per esteso Giulio Bolaffi, Sass. 7, PP13,15, 16 / 88550,-
Japan 1919 (29 Aug.) A cover from Japan reg. to Paris, France, bearing Tazawa 3 sen x 2, 4 sen & 1919 Restoration of WWI Peace 10 sec, tied by Japanese cds with 2 different reg. labels alongside. 'TOKYO/16.9.19' transit and 'PARIS/10.10.19' arrival cds. Photo HK$ 500 - 600
India 1929 (May 20) Printed envelope to Darjeeling, flown on the first flight from Calcutta to Siliguri with violet "BENGAL AIR TRANSPORT CO., LTD" cachet.
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AFRICA DEL SUR: INGLESA. 1896-1945. Lot of 12 covers and cards.  Dealer SOLER Y LLACH  Auction Minimum Bid: 200.00 EUR
B37-43, 1932 Welfare,  set tied on registered cover by Saarbrucken (St. Johann) 22.12.32 cancels, accompanying registry label, backstamped Heidelberg, Very Fine and attractive; 2007 Ney certificate (Scott $690 for used set; Michel 161-67, EUR800 for used set) Estimate 400-500 US$  Dealer H.R. Harmer  Auction Opening Bid: 230.00 US$ (app. 176 EUR)
Korea Form letter disinterested Nations Supervisory commission for Chosun Swiss delegation, coloured with Japan stamps franked, postmark Tokyo 4. ...
Denmark 9. South America Flight: wonderful decorative Zeppelin cover, franked by 14 Denmark stamps the 30er years, from 'Copenhagen 13. 10. 32' over Berlin zentral airport and Friedrichshafen with the Count Zeppelin to Rio de Janeiro. On face. And reverse with all Bestätigungsstempeln., a decorative document in best condition, a connoisseur´s piece.  Dealer Veuskens Auctions  Auction Minimum Bid: 150.00 EUR
BELEG BRIEF MIF AUF GANZSACHE USA ERSTFLUG LAKE HURST HINDENBURG  Anbieter Gut Bernstorf  Online Auktion 0 Gebot(e)  Ausruf: 100.00 EUR Die Auktion endet am 07.04.2013!
China - postal stationery card with additional franking o"LIMPINGCHOW1924" over "Canton" to Badenweiler, I-II    Dealer  Raith Auction
Abu Dhabi 1972 Sept. 18. Registered airmail cover to Hastings, UK franked on front with UAE overprint 35f and 2x 60f all tied by ABU DHABI RECOMMANDE. At the bottom Abu Dhabi HPO registered label.    Dealer  Philagenta    Online Auction  0 bid(s)    Start price:  250.00 EUR  Auction ends at 15.12.2012!
CANTON : 1922     Dealer  Lugdunum    Auction  Minimum Bid:  180.00 EUR
Michel. No. 33-35 cover, clean as Dreifarbenfrank. On forerunner of C.O.D covers SANCT GOARSHAUSEN 17 1 77 to LARGELY-ROOMS in very good pre...
USA - c.1858 (14 Feb). Chili / Ohio - Germany. Valentine day. Fkd env 10c green (x3). Mns cross cancel + tied red NY / 7c paid. Via Prussian closed mail. VF+. A nice hot item.  Dealer Antonio M. Torres Shop  Fixed price: 675.00 US$
Czechoslovakia Official stamps, Scott OL2 - 1918 (6 Nov) cover sent EXPRESS from Ljubljana to Prague, franked with Austrian 10h (2) and 60h, tied by cds, arrived 10 November and delivered by Scout Mail the next day to the Honorable Dr. Josef Scheiner, commander of the Czech Sokols and official in charge of State Defense (effectively head of state at that time), Scout stamp added and appropriately canceled, v.f. and outstanding Scout Mail cover, signed Mrnak and Gilbert
German Empire 1930 (4 Apr) large cover originating in New York, with 5c franking, used in combination with Germany South America Flight 2M and 4M, cancelled on board (19 May), with Seville drop cancel on back, forwarded to Brazil, where additional franking was added for the trip back to USA, some faults, otherwise a fine three-country combination cover  Dealer Cherrystone Auction  Auction Estimate price: 450.00 US$
China; Taiwan Province, 1948, $100 on $20 Carmine, #58, ungummed, Very Fine. Scott $1,600. Estimate $800-1,000.  Lot condition (*)  Dealer H...
GERMAN OFFICES IN CHINA, 1895/1914 The relationship between China and Germany documented in a handsomely written up collection in two volume...
Chicago travel 1933, USA post, total circuit, cover from nu 4. 10. with block of four 50 C. Zeppelin, both flight stamp on face, arrival-SST...
1933, 7 verschiedene Werte Völker auf R-Brief von Moskau 13.8.35 nach Wien    Dealer  Berliner Auktionshaus Schlegel    Auction  Minimum Bid:  140.00 EUR
Tasmania, Scott 26,32,37,41. 1865 Registered Cover Front to London Franked with “Complete Set” of 1857/69 Chalon Imperforates, 1d red-brown pair, 2d yellow-green, 4d blue horizontal strip of three, 6d grey violet (2) and 1sh vermilion (2) all tied by «20» numeral obliterators and black Nov 12 «Circular Head» dispatch cds, straightline «REGISTERED» adjacent, red London Jan 12 1866 arrival cancel, faults as expected, still an eye-catching and extraordinary franking for the high 4/4 rate;(SG 26, 32
Switzerland 1933, St. Gallen-Barcelona, congress for tourism, FL franking, with arrival postmark.  Dealer Honegger Michael Auction  Auction Minimum Bid: 120.00 CHF
1912, Pro Juventute forerunner, 10 Cmi., carmine red, Italian text, besides spanish postal stamp on postcard from Madrid 31. DIC. 12" to Wädenswil / Switzerland, on the map right above small corner crease and below small tiny spot, otherwise faultless choise copy condition. The stamp had also domestically no Frankaturkraft and is also with foreign countrystempel as genuine used to look at, an use abroad is extreme unusual, perhaps unique, expertized abbot with photo certificate, Michel 6500,--,
German Colonies Kiautschou, Michel 6,P1,China 47 - Postal stationery postcard 5 Pfg. green black rose with same additional franking in double postage with Chinese 1/2 cent stamp from "Tsingtau Kiautschou 20 / 8 01" to Medan / Sumatra.
German Colonies Kiautschou Postal stationery - Kiautschou, 1902 (30 Dec.) Kiautschou 5pf. postal stationery card registered to Jeetze, Germany (5.2.03) bearing Kiautschou 50pf. to 2m., cancelled by "Tsingtau/Kiautschou/a" c.d.s., fine high value franking, albeit philatelic. Estimate 2,000 - 2,500
India 1911 Cover addressed c/o Postmaster, Allahabad, bearing 3p slate-grey (2) tied by superb violet "FIRST AERIAL POST / 1911 / U.P EXHIBITION A...
France Franco Prussian War Collections- Belle collection de ballons montés superbement présentée sur pages en 2 albums de cuir rouge Balasse, reprenant chronologiquement 55 lettres parties de Paris par différents ballons du Siège de Paris, à noter LES ETATS UNIS, LE VICTOR HUGO, LAFAYETTE, COLONEL CHARRAS, FULTON, FERDINAND FLOCON, VILLE DE CHATEAUDUN, ARCHIMEDE, LE VILLE D'ORLEANS pour Cannes avec arr. 12.12.70, LE JACQUARD accidenté avec PP rouge et arr. 24.12.70, LE JULE FAVRE N°2, LE DENIS P
Russia C - 1903 1k+ 2k(x2) + 5k canc. TIENTSIN on envelope to GERMANY. Vf. Lot condition Dealer Lugdunum Auction Starting Price: 200.00 EUR
Memel 5 Pfg. horizontal Zw.-Streifen 5 stamps from lower margin with complete date of printing G 609 27 and GC as well 1.25 Mk. li. Lower ER-3erStreifen with complete date of printing I 1609 22 on correctly franked E-letter Memel 17. 1. 22 with censorship, extremely rare, Michel lots already 700,-  Dealer Jennes and Klüttermann  Auction Minimum Bid: 380.00 EUR
Albania Essad Post - 1915 (11 Nov) cover from Elbasan to Qukes, franked with 2pa, 5pa, 10pa, 20pa and 40pa, tied by violet "Zura e Telegrafevet" cds, with bilingual Serbian/English (29 Oct 15) pmk alongside (note the difference between Julian and Gregorian calendars), three-line censor handstamp and Bukus arrival cds on back
Switzerland. 1955, Scheizer post from AMDEN 10. 1. 55 at a Member the "Swiss side NNSC"
ARGENTINA. 1875-1906. Tres sobres tasados con sellos ITALIANOS.  Dealer SOLER Y LLACH  Auction Minimum Bid: 175.00 EUR
Old German States Bavaria, Michel 5 c (3). 9 Kr. pale green in the block of three (1 value wzg. Ber. ) on finest superb cover, regarding emigrant to North America, from "#336#" #STRAUBING# to #Bremen#, photo expertize Brettl BPP.
Nauru, 1920, King George V, 1/2p-1sh overprint set on cover. Neatly arranged on registered cover, to England, postmarked "P.O. Pleasant Isla...
Bridges collection Berlin anniversary 1949 air lift, postmark Berlin 23. 6. 49, very decorative document;    Dealer  GEBRÜDER MICHEL NACHF.    Auction  Minimum Bid:  15.00 EUR
Russia 1892-1915 Balance collection of 11 covers and various stamps + 2 viewcards written up on exhibition leaves, noted Steamship cancels for Odessa-Kherson (1892), Odessa-Nikolaev (1913), Kherson-Alekandrovsk (1901/2), Aleksandrovsk-Odessa including postage due, also 1914-15 War Charity issues cancelled fancy cancel of the Steamship APSHERON, exceptional group of these difficult marks, ex Dr Casey
Schweden, Michel 84 und 85 - 1918, 55 Ö. hellblau und 80 Ö. schwarz König Gustav V. zusammen auf R-Brief von VÄRNAMO 12.7.1918 nach Linköping mit rückseitigem Ankunftsstempel vom 13.7.1918, seltene Ausgabe und auf Brief eine große Seltenheit, die Qualität der Marken und des Briefes (rückseitig mit Beschriftungen) ist sehr gut, Fotoattest Obermüller BPP (ME für lose Marken schon 11.000,-)
India 1852 (12 April). Deesa / Gujarat - UK / Weston Super Mare / Somersetshire (5 June 1852). Fkd env 1/2 anna blue pair and 4 annas red and blue x2, blue dots. Red India paid + London some minor wear at edges, otherwise very rare interesting item.    Dealer  Antonio M. Torres Shop    Fixed price:  3000.00 US$
United States Collections USA / Firms advertising - unusually interesting and extensive collection from approximate 500 covers from the 19th century, only older material, until the forties in 12 letter albums. All with interesting Firmenvordrucken, often very fine illustrates. As well numerous all extraordinary documents, interesting motives and so on. A magnificent object with enormous trade valued, in this richness hardly once offered!
Rayon II, gelb, ohne Kreuzeinfassung (STEIN A 2) Typen 2+38 A2/LO entwertet mit klaren Zürcher Rosetten auf Faltbriefumschlag mit klarem Aufgabestempel ZÜRICH 12 AVRIL 51 nach Ferrara, bis zur Schweizer Grenze frankiert, in Ferrara mit 16 Baj. taxiert, beide Marken sind ringsum breitrandig und farbenfrisch, Attest Berra
1929-36, Graf Zeppelin & Hindenburg Flights, great group of 15 diff. items, mostly airmail frankings, some unusual e.g. Egypt Flight, please examine, nearly premium items and very fine showpieces (Sieger 27A, 35B, 37A, 46, 57 I, 104, 122, 166, 183, 222A, 232, 238B, 246, 286, 406) (Est. € 900/1200) (15)  Dealer David Feldman S. A. Geneva  Auction Minimum Bid: 900.00 EUR
1894 (July 24): Large piece of reverse of cover franked by India 2a. blue tied by superb strike of BANDAR-ABBAS / B duplex with fine strike of LINGA cds at right (July 28).    Dealer  Philagenta
Hawaii, 1894, 1c yellow. In combination with 1894, 2c brown, horizontal pair on illustrated patriotic Hawaiian Hotel corner card cover to Sa...
Switzerland 20. 9. 44, lot from 6 different stages the Jubiläumsflüge 25 years Swiss airmail, in perfect condition.  Dealer Honegger Michael Auction  Auction Minimum Bid: 60.00 CHF
Katapultpost Brief nach Berlin vom 1.6.35. Dampfer "Bremen"    Dealer  PPH Asbit    Auction  Minimum Bid:  40.00 EUR
Picture postcards before 1945 lot from probably over 6000 piece, simple goods however by 10 cent apiece very favorable starting price!
United Sates 1901 Pan-American Exhibition Issue Covers bulk lot. Ten Mixed Denomination Pan American Covers,  with each cover having at least two different values of Pan American adhesives, all but one are registered usages including one with 1c,4c,5c adhesives on Great Britain entire, one addressed to France, all values except the 8c are present on at least one cover, most are Fine-Very Fine, Estimate: 400-500 US$
Panama, 10c orange with "R Colon" and 3rd Colon Overprint. Manuscript "415" number, registration stamp in pair with 10c yellow with 3rd Colo...
Austria 1865 large cover (opened for display) from Wiener Neustadt, Austria, 13 May to Mexico, franked with 3kr green (2), 10kr blue (2) and 15kr brown (7) for a total of 131kr, addressed to a lieutenant in the Hussar regiment of Austrian Volunteers at Puebla, Mexico. The letter was intended to be sent via Paris and St. Nazaire, but the French ship had departed (red boxed "apres le depart" hs), so it was sent instead by British ship "Seine" departing Southampton May 17th and arriving at St. Thom
India, 1927 (July 13) Printed cover to Holland, flown from Karachi to Amsterdam by G.J. Geysendorffer and J.B. Scholte on their return flight from Batavia