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Inspiring and Fascinating TED Talks for music educators (part 2)
Artie Almeida's Fun Foundations For Recorder, Both Vols. 1 & 2 by Artie Almeida; Music arranged by Paul Jennings - Hands-on and Step-by-step, How Artie integrates recorders into her amazing Bear Lake music program.
Music Composition Portfolio
What People Think I Do / What I Really Do: Image Gallery (Sorted by Score) (List View)
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Picture Books? Really?
Books About Music
The Evolution of Music #ThrowbackThursday  Stop by Shining Stars Tutoring to sign up for your music lessons today!
Instrument Matching Game
An elementary bulletin board I made showing the connection between solfege and the staff.
Songs and Activities for Winter
Artie Almeida
Music Bingo
Three simple vocal warm up tips. Get more FREE professional advice to improve your singing at
Amazing iPhone Apps for Music Teachers...including Fingering Charts, Instrument Simulations, Music Theory, Music Tools, Music References and more
Quotes for Musicians Set 2
Hush Little Baby (A Singable Book, Lyrics, Song History, etc!)
Music Program Checklist Freebie
Music Unit Explore by Genre
Love this one!!!! Elementary Choral Performance Music | Sheet music at JW Pepper
Writing Prompts with a Music Theme-set of 30
Curricular Charts
Music Word Wall. Could be used for a game. Take off the words then let students beat the timer to put them in categories. I also like this for an interactive bulletin board.
Music Across the Curriculum Posters- Colorful Brights
The Ultimate Music Teacher Gradebook
Middle School Blogs. I need to check this out later!
Make Your Own Follow the Bouncing Ball Lyrics Videos with Explain Everything
Music from Around the World
Classroom Playlist
Cantate Canon (Two-Part ) by Donald Moore| J.W. Pepper Sheet Music
"As musicians, we owe it to the next Eddie Van Halen, Snoop Dog, Stravinsky, Garth Brooks, and Andrea Bocellis of the world to help support their music education."-Rich Winer
Recorder flash cards -fingering on front /letter and staff notation on back ..will laminate
A black belt recorder system. See my post for free labels for it, as well as my newer Utility toolbox with free labels for it.
Dabber Activities for Music Class BUNDLE
Six Alternative to Freeze Dance
Valentine Buddies 2 {Rest, Ta, Ti-Ti Rhythm Pattern Fun}
Accent on Composers, Volume 1
Music Desktop Wallpapers for Computer Backgrounds and iPad Screens
Choral Singing: Vowel Posters
Strange Sounds: 7 Experimental Projects Making Music from Natural Elements
#Musiceducation matters because music is life - sometimes literally.
Music Sub Tub Stuffers: K-2 Substitute Plan - Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin
Move It! Dance Resource Review
Farai introduces you to the djembe and talks about its historical importance to the Mali Empire. For more on music and dancing, visit artsedge.kennedy-....
To check out other bulletin board ideas for the music classroom, visit Make Moments Matter by clicking on the top photo! Description from…
Rhythm Music Bingo Game Set 1
250 Funniest Nursing Quotes and eCards (Part 2)
Treble Wars - Music Worksheets
How did Beethoven continue to compose even as he was going deaf? A look into the math behind his music
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