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🔥CLIQUER sur l'picture ⬅️⬅️ boutique geek superman décoration batm... - #batm #boutique #CLIQUER #Decoration #Geek #l39image #Superman #sur

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🔥CLIQUER sur l'picture ⬅️⬅️ boutique geek superman décoration batm... - #batm #boutique #CLIQUER #Decoration #Geek #l39image #Superman #sur

Renato Barrantes on Instagram: “Sigue contando tan buenas historias. Gracias
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Once, Pietro made Wanda so mad for constantly annoying her and ruining whatever she was working on that day, that she grabbed him by the waist and smashed his back into the ground saying, using his iconic line, "You didn't f****ing see that coming, Pietro?" Vision and Clint awkwardly stood by and watched this scene unfold. This taught all the Avengers a lesson. Not to mess with Wanda.
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